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About Kubic Chakra Design Interiors

Kubic Chakra Designs Interiors is a firm belief that the key to success in the interior design industry lies in providing the clients with suitable services and guiding them according to their choice, locality and budget. In addition, instead of repeating the design concept, again and again, one should always innovate and design different concepts for different clients so that one project can be differentiated from others.

Average Project Budget: : 5 - 10 Lacs

City: Pune

Kubic Chakra Design Interiors's Recent Achievements
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The stunning design of this 2 BHK flat carries a decent and rich look throughout. We have maintained the beige and brown combination from the entrance to the bedrooms in order to create an organised feel. Also, we have combinedly used the natural lights and the lovely yellow lights for highlighting the specific areas. For breaking the contrast, we have added some floral motifs and unique patterns on the walls and ceiling too!

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Attractive patterns, floral wallpapers and swirly motifs are the attractions of this home design. We have focused on making the space look bright, and gleaming. May it be the kitchen, living room or bedrooms, every room is exclusively designed and wonderfully decorated!

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This rustic café is designed par excellence. We have used the simple clay pots of different shapes, forms and have highlighted them with soothing lights to form a fabulous ambience. Lovely, isn't it?

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This quirky design of a cycle shop is an attractive project from our portfolio. Breaking the stereotypes, we have made unique and attractive arrangements for the cycle store. Looking for a similar design, get in touch!